Happy Hikers Anchorage works because many hikers volunteer to be the 'CONTACT' for specific hikes every Wednesday of the year - about 52 Wednesdays!  In addition, hikers meet for 'NO CONTACT' hikes 3 times each week, other than Wednesdays. Two schedules are created each year to list the events. Judy Caminer creates the schedules and Beate Zinck (Erin Oba fills in when needed) communicates and commands the schedule with weekly emails.

Each event looks like this:


The CONTACT doesn't necessarily lead the hike, but gathers names of those who have emailed, phoned, or texted their RSVP. The CONTACT organizes carpooling if needed and keeps track of participants during the hike. She checks wind and weather conditions a couple of days ahead and makes adjustments if necessary.

We are Happy but if we can find improved

conditions by changing locations,

we are Happier!

The CONTACT will provide Beate  with a description of the hike to include in her weekly email.  



No RSVPs are necessary for NO CONTACT hikes -  but you risk being the sole hiker that day. Phone one of the regular attendees (Lyn King, Pat Kaufman, Amelia Walsh or Erin Oba) to assure there are others hiking.




Carol Sheridan publishes a directory with

names, cell phone numbers, and addresses

of Happy Hikers, past and present. 

Download the HH Directory to your phone

or carry a hard copy with you should

you need to call someone in

the group while hiking.  



START TIME no longer means the time to arrive at the parking lot. Arrive 10-15 minutes before START TIME so the group can gather, arrange carpools if needed, etc.


  • PACE

On most hikes there will be a fast group and slower group(s), including a SWEEP person who volunteers to stay behind the slowest hiker. Please be mindful to keep track of one another; i.e. stop at intersections to make sure all know the way.  




If the weather forecast looks great and you'd like to add an extra hike, not on the schedule, let Beate know that you'll be the CONTACT and send her the details.  Several hike ideas are listed at the bottom of each schedule, or come up with one yourself.  Additional Hikes can be on any day but Wednesday!

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